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Anonymous asked: No I agree Dan that is a crime! your sentence is to watch these films!

haha i will eventually, ive seen shrek, all of the shrek films (i think) im just not like blown away and wanna watch them again and again

Anonymous asked: that sucks man but i know what you mean i work for stock taking and once we have done all the stock we need to wait for more to come in for us to check but while we wait the bosses always nack on us "find something to do" blah fucking blah so do you intend to travel and learn things from other countries or you just happy to learn where you are? i seen some pics before man the food looks good.

yeah its just like bosses and managers and whatever hate to see people stood around, and i understand, but literally, we had a table sat, i had the plate ready all that needed doing was the final garnish but it had to wait until it was called away, so like i had two minutes, i cant clean the kitchen, or organise my fridge or what ever during service, because there is no space and there is food out and stuff, its just silly. i know there is always work to be done in a kitchen but during service its not ideal time to do so. 
and i wanna travel, i want to stay here for a good while because its a good place and i am learning loads, but i wanna go else where, abroad maybe if i can arrange it, maybe into london for a few years, try and get in some michelin star places, i dont have a set plan, but i know where i want to end up. 
ah good, thanks! the new menu is better, but like i said its hard to get pictures at the moment 


y’all ever take a pic and be like this ain’t even my skin color

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if they dont play ‘year 3000’ at least once on the new year’s of 3000 i will literally rise out of my grave and set everyone on fire

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Dan hasn’t seen finding nemo and has no interest in any of the shrek movies which is.. Like..a crime? Isn’t it? I’m sure it is…

im pretty sure its not an actual crime

Anonymous asked: damn dan you got yourself some admirers haha they can be dangerous things bud! also that does sound shit running about just to need to wait but hey if its something you really want to do then your gonna push through eh keep it up man! also you should post some food you make lets us see those skills

haha it seems that way, ahh im sure i can handle them. 
yeah it is kinda shit, like running around is fine, but not getting the appreciation for it and then getting told off for something so petty. 
but yeah i will keep pushing, ill get better and get to where i want to be one day. 
ahh i try, its hard though most things have to have finishing touches put on at the last minute and they look a bit shit without them so the pictures dont do it justice, and my proper camera on my phone is broken too, doesnt focus properly so it makes it even harder, theres a few pictures up though at the moment. ill try to add more