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The joy of being outside on a beautiful day and feeling comfortable in your skin.

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either i

  • dont have enough followers to get hate

or i

  • am perfect and therefore yall dont have anything to complain about

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Sorry if I seem rude to you when you ask an anonymous question, it’s just that I literally do not care at all.

Anonymous asked: Hell no I agree skype is best and when you cam on there it makes it all the more better seeing them even if you's can't talk it's just amazing so no you aren't alone in your opinion about skype buddy :)

there you go then

This shirt is so tight, i love it, makes me feel like i am actually muscular.

This shirt is so tight, i love it, makes me feel like i am actually muscular.

Anonymous asked: i meant texting them or on whats app or something on the phone not actual phone calls

I did use kik for a time but at the moment my phone is fucked, has been for a while, and the replacement im using has no apps for chat, and its so shit for typing on and takes so long to send messages because its actually from the bronze age, that i prefer skype. 
tbh when my phone is fixed ill still probably use skype. its kinda like a ritual now, get in, check skype and chat about my day and stuff, it just seems slightly more personal than a text or something. that’s probably just me though

Anonymous asked: you only talk to one person on skype? why not just talk to them on the phone then?

1. because its easier to type and get other shit done at the same time 
2. im not a phone person, my ears get sweaty, my arm gets tired and im generally not great at phone calls anyway
3. i finish work at 10, get home around half past at the earliest and my family are all asleep or in bed by that time and i have consideration for others so im not gonna spend hours talking on the phone out loud while people are trying to sleep

i think thats enough reasons.